• Interogatives always have accents
  • They can be alone or after a preposition (Sentences in Spanish cannot end in a preposition)


asks definition, identification, explanation, or information. It can be used next to a verb or noun.


Asks a selction and can be used next to verb or the word "de", but cannot be used next to a noun.

¿Cuál? + "es" asks selection. As in "What is the movie?" ¿Cuál es la película?

¿Quién (-es)?Edit

Used only with people or with prepositions. Asks who are people or of whom a thing is.

¿Cuánto (-a)?Edit

means "How much?" ¿Cuántos (-as)? means "How many?"


  • Means "How"
  • It is not used directly next to adjectives or adverbs like in English