expresses a physical or emotional change that generally lasts for a short amount of time.

Alina se pone roja con los chistes de su hermano.
Alina turns red with her brother's jokes.


Indicates a more radical change that lasts longer

Ella se volvió loca al sufrir tantos horrores durante la guerra.
She became crazy upon suffering so many horrors during the war.

Hacerse / Llegar a serEdit

indicates a change that was achieved through effort

Pedro estudia para hacerse médico.
Pedro is studying to become a doctor.
Rebeca llegó a ser abogada.
Rebeca became (got to be) a lawyer.


Indicates a change that occured because of a consequence of something that happened before

Los chicos se quedan muy tristes cuando no los llevan al cine.
The children are (stay) very sad when they don't take them to the movies.
Lucía se quedó sin poder hablar al oír la noticia.
Lucia was (remained) unable to speak upon hearing the news.

Other words that express changeEdit

aburrirseto get bored enloquecerto go crazy
acostumbrarseto get used to enojarseto get angry

to get thin, to reduce

enrojecerseto blush
alegrarseto be happy entristecerse

to become sad

calmarse to calm down envejecer to get old
cansarseto get tired mejorarseto get better

to get sick


to become pale